About Us

We are a Trieight International Company that deals with the production of skin care products under the brand name SIMONA’S. Additionally, we also do private labelling, customer recipes or rather ingredient percentage for their brand. The Company was initiated in the year 2009 in Thailand.

What makes us stand out is that we use natural quality ingredients to manufacture our top-notch skin care products which are then tested, approved and certified by the FDA. This ensures that the products we take out to the market for our esteemed clients to purchase are pre-eminent and distinct in their own way. Since the Company inception, we have been able to win incredible confidence from our customers due to the immense level of satisfaction they derive from our quality products and due to our reasonable charge rates.

Another vital aspect that makes us one of the best beauty products company is that we export our products under the brand name SIMONA’S in a preorder to the vast international beauty clinic.

As a company, our ultimate aim is not only to give our clients total satisfaction, but also render our services to them any time they require them.