Private Label Skin Care Products

private label skin care products

We help small to medium sized businesses including Beauty Salons, Online Stores & Skin Care
Entrepreneurs to create their own brand of skin care. We make the process fun and easy and
just a few short weeks, you have your own branded and labelled product ready to sell to the
With low minimums, quick turnaround times, plus tried and tested formulas, we are
the perfect
match for busy entrepreneurs who want to grow and expand their business,
without the time
constraints of making products themselves or without the big
investment that most
manufacturers require for custom formulations.

One Stop Service

We are offering a three cases for our customer’s as per following below.

a. Private labeling skin care products under customer brand name & following customer formula & customer packaging design.

b. Private labeling skin care products under customer brand name but need to create a new formula and a new packaging design.

c. Private labeling skin care products by creating a new brand name, creating a formula and create a new packaging design.

How we works

1. We work on all points that are requested and after that we will send a products sample for testing and approval.

2. Once the sample is approved, we will apply for Thai FDA certificate, and MSDS certificate, and we’ll apply for any certificate are required.

3. After getting the certificates, we start the process of production and then QC,  filling, labeling, and packing.

4. Preparation for documents and loading.


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